About us

Who we are

DVL is a well-known corporation in Vietnam that specializes in multimodal transportation. We will provide professional service and customer assistance at the best possible pricing with a team of eager, dynamic, and highly qualified employees. Up to now, we have operated with two branches each in Hai Phong and Hanoi. We are constantly striving to develop precise strategies that will assist our clients in their global expansion. Through the services we provide, DVL is making and will continue to make ongoing efforts to develop a brand reputation and trust with customers. Customers’ trust and support throughout the years has been a huge source of motivation for DVL. To earn that trust, we will continue to improve and serve our consumers to the best of our ability.


Our Mission

We provide creative supply chain solutions to suit our customers' aspirations for personal and professional service.


Our vision

We are continually on the lookout for fresh opportunities. As a result, attracting and retaining talent is a crucial component of our vision.


Core values

Procedures, principles, and attitudes are critical to our reputation, as well as our success.

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